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Nancy Tjon-En-Fa
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My name is Nancy and I started KRAKTI. to contribute to the growth of others. At first I just facilitated Yoga and corporate breathing workshops, then it became the KRAKTI. Platform and I joined forces with Damaris Hardy.

I think it is important to have cultural representation when you are healing. To know and to see so many beautiful BIPOC that are on the same path and are even available as Healers, can give a lot of positive energy for a whole community to change. 

It is my personal goal to remove all layers and negative believes I have built up from a small age - and even from lifetimes before this one. The goal is to become the Pure version of yourself, and I try to facilitate this as well in my classes. 

I have a loving, yet no nonsense approach in which I will support you 100%.

Empowerment Practices

Yoga Therapy
Corporate Mindfulness Workshops
Meditation Mentoring
Inner Child Healing

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